Education can change a society.

What role will you play? EDIJ is an interdisciplinary study of education and justice in the Jesuit liberal arts tradition.

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“So I can examine educational pathways in Nepal and reflect on how I can contribute to bettering it.
~ Pragyan Acharya (SFS’23)”

“After a summer working with an education advocacy nonprofit in my hometown of Charleston, SC, I was inspired to pursue a career dedicated to a systems level change in education.
~ Caroline Vail (C’24)”

“I am passionate about reforming our education system so that future generations can receive an education that promotes justice, empathy, and inclusion.
~ Lana Aguon (C’24)”



Project ELEECT advances educational justice in D.C.

Three Georgetown faculty members have initiated a five-year project, supported by a $2.6 million grant from the Department of Education, to improve educational equity for multilingual K through 12 students in Washington, D.C. Grounded in antiracist work, the English Learners’ Educational Excellence Capitol Teacher Training Project (Project ELEECT) seeks to improve outcomes for teachers, students, and entire communities.

April 26, 2022


Sabrina Wesley-Nero Creates Curriculum for Literacy Program to Counteract Education Inequities

Sabrina Wesley-Nero, Ph.D., and director of the Education, Inquiry and Justice Program, oversaw and wrote the curriculum for the inaugural year of the 1619 Freedom School in Waterloo, Iowa. The school’s mission is to help children develop critical literacy skills through liberating instruction centered on Black American history and will serve low-income students with the widest disparity in their reading scores.

October 14, 2021


Senior Proposes Legal Clinic for DC Youth at George Washington Law Through EDIJ Program

Caroline Jaipaul (C’21) is submitting a proposal to start a legal clinic at George Washington Law that will serve DC youth who are currently court-involved through oral and written advocacy and will strive to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline in Washington. Jaipaul is completing this as part of her capstone project for her Education, Inquiry and Justice (EDIJ) minor.

May 20, 2021