Minor Requirements

Structure of Minor

The minor requires six courses that total 19 credits in a diverse set of classes. All students with a minor in EDIJ take the Gateway course (EDIJ 241 CBL Seminar in Urban Education) and the Capstone course (EDIJ 401 Education, Inquiry and Justice Capstone). Students then select one course from each of the remaining four categories.

Note: Effective Fall 2023, all main campus courses have been renumbered using a new 4-digit numbering system.


EDIJ 241 CBL EDIJ Gateway Course: Seminar in Urban Education (EDIJ students only, Fall semester only)

These courses typically are introductory in scope and provide a comprehensive overview of foundations of education in the United States.The courses in this category examine universal questions about the purpose, processes, and impacts of education with an eye toward equitable and inequitable experiences and outcomes.

These courses examine education as a means for achieving justice and social transformation. Courses in this category may contextualize social issues that cut across disciplines and explore the role of education through the arts, policy, public health, mental health, psychology, etc.

These courses examine the ways humans learn, grow, and develop. Often human growth and learning are examined through intersections with psychology, the media, technology, language, and digital culture. 

Praxis courses offer the opportunity to bridge theory and practice. These courses typically integrate work in the community through community-based learning opportunities that help to contextualize and complicate course content. 

EDIJ 401 Education, Inquiry and Justice Capstone (spring only, EDIJ minors only)

Prerequisites (19 credits)

The minor in Education, Inquiry, and Justice is a six-course program. However, some courses that are essential for the minor (or are simply options within it) have prerequisites that must be completed in advance.

Students interested in the minor should consider taking these courses in their first or second year.